This course is designed for non-DOT, meaning not regulated by the department of transportation, Designated Employer Representatives (DER), aka drug and alcohol testing program manager, to provide training on managing a drug-free workplace program. This will cover situations and issues a DER is likely to face in regard to drug free workplace testing. Note: If your program does include employees that fall under DOT regulations, we recommend you take not only this course but also the agency-specific DOT Designated Employer Representative Course.


Key aspects of the course address the following:

  • Your role and responsibilities as a DER
  • Best practices in managing your drug free workplace program
  • The steps in the drug and alcohol testing process
  • How to handle problems that may arise during the testing process
  • Regulations that may apply to or affect how you manage your company drug free workplace program
  • How to best choose service agents
  • Education and training  that may be required for supervisors as well as employees
  • Record keeping requirements
  • Best practices for all parts of your program