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This is a comprehensive computer based remote training for DOT oral fluid specimen collections.  You can complete this training from the comfort of your home or office.  This course will qualify you to conduct DOT oral fluid specimens and you will receive a certificate of completion.  Your will learn in this course the requirements and information as specified in DOT regulations 49 CFR Part 40 Section 40.35.

Once you complete the instructional section of the course your next step will be to connect with a person who can monitor your proficiency demonstration (mock collections).


This course does not include mock collections.  This course is not yet available but there will be a large demand as soon as two labs are certified and an oral fluid specimen collector device is available. You can pre-register for this training to reserve your place and be one of the first collectors in the USA to learn your responsibilities as a DOT oral fluid specimen collector.  This course will be offered for $400.00 but if you pre-register now you can save $200.00; pay only $200.00.

With this course you will learn from experts including attorney Andrew Easler and drug testing industry expert Joe Reilly. 

Highlights of the Oral Fluid Collector Training Course:

·        Training on the oral fluid testing procedures as required in 49 CFR Part 40

·        Training to be proficient in the operation of the particular oral fluid collection device(s) you will be using

·        All steps necessary to complete a collection correctly and the proper completion and transmission of the Custody and Control Form (CCF) or electronic CCF

·         “Problem” collections (e.g., situations like “dry mouth” and attempts to tamper with a specimen)

·        Fatal flaws, correctable flaws, and how to correct problems in collections

·        The collector's responsibility for maintaining the integrity of the collection process, ensuring the privacy of employees being tested, ensuring the security of the specimen, and avoiding conduct or statements that could be viewed as offensive or inappropriate.

·       Complete the instructions requirements under DOT regulations for DOT oral fluid specimen drug testing.  Your certificate will be issued upon completion and your next step is to complete the required proficiency demonstration (mock collections).

Earn professional certification as a DOT oral fluid specimen collector


DOT Compliant

This course meets or exceeds the training requirements in all 50-states, the following federal agencies: FMCSA, FAA, FTA, FRA, USCG, PHMSA, and other counties that use the DOT guidelines.


Created by Attorneys

This course and its supplemental resources were created and reviewed by our team of attorneys.  


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Our courses only expire when you're finished with the course, this means that employees don’t feel rushed into “cramming” for a course only to forget the material a week later and therefore perform better in practice and make fewer mistakes than in traditional training environments.


Live Customer Support

Students, managers and supervisors can contact us, chat with a us-based trainer to answer questions for the duration of the course by calling 1-888-390-5574, using our in-application live chat, or sending an email and we will respond within 60-minites during of regular business hours.


Downloadable Certificate

Same-day certificate issuance after completing a course, downloadable in PDF format & printable.


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Employees receive instant course access right after registration or invitation sent by a training manager, or supervisor.