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Specimen Collection Certification Is Essential For An Active Drug Testing Career

  • By: Tom Fulmer
  • Published: Jun, 30 2020
  • Updated: Dec, 9 2022

Drug testing is something that happens at many companies. For some businesses, it’s just part of their commitment to a safer workplace. For other companies, especially those that fall under the purview of the Department of Transportation, drug testing is a legal requirement if they want to stay in compliance with federal regulations.

The testing, however, needs to be done by professionals, and that means that people looking for a career in the drug testing industry need to get specimen collection certification. Here’s why.

Getting Professional Results

A good drug test with conclusive results requires an uncontaminated sample—be it breath, hair, or urine—for proper analysis. Getting a viable sample requires the use of approved equipment, as well as the knowledge to get that specimen from a test subject. 

In some cases, it also requires ensuring that the sample is obtained in a way that certain government agencies approve of. The DOT has different agencies like the Federal Aviation Administration, or Federal Railway Administration have their own specific regulations. Specimen collection and testing must be compliant with these regulations for a company’s drug testing policy to be approved.

Fighting Fraud

Another important reason specimen collection certification is necessary is, so that specimen collectors have the knowledge and techniques available to either prevent or identify attempts to cheat results. Unfortunately, some people, rather than face the consequences of a positive drug test result, will try to contaminate samples for an inconclusive result, or even try to switch out samples and present someone else’s as their own.

Proper training in specimen collection means preparing a specimen collection site to prevent using objects in the environment, such as faucets or toilets, or contaminate samples, or having the training to recognize when counterfeits are presented so that a retest can be done.

Learn more about getting proper specimen collection certification for a career in drug testing, and start making workplaces safer and more productive.

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