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Welcome to the Curiosity DNA Paternity Course presented by!

This course is comprised of several sections which should take approximately three days to complete. Now that you are registered, you will be receiving a kit in the mail for your demonstrations (more on that later). Now is the best time to check and make sure that the shipping address provided is true and correct. If you need to make any changes please be sure to call us at (888)390-5574 or email us at

Each section contains different types of material. You will be working with presentations, .pdf files, and quizzes. Navigate through the course by using the arrow keys and move through each unit using the progress bar on the right. Click “Start Course” to get started!

  • Successful students will be able to conduct collections and testing according to the relevant protocols for the testing modality when provided with relevant and dynamic collection scenarios with a 100% proficiency.
  • Successful students will be able to express an understanding of industry terms and the protocols involved by completing an online quiz with 75% or greater proficiency.