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Start Your Career Right With Drug Testing Certification Classes

  • By: Joe Reilly
  • Published: Jun, 23 2020
  • Updated: Dec, 15 2022

There are a lot of different choices for career paths that people may decide to pursue. However, some career choices are less certain than others. Many jobs, for example, have been impacted by the unexpected arrival of the COVID-19 global pandemic. In contrast, others, such as factory work, have either moved to other countries or been eliminated due to automation.

There is one career path, however, that will continue to demand competency and professional ethics, and that is for specimen collectors that graduate from drug testing certification classes. Here’s why.

An Industry Always In Demand

There’s a move within many businesses to strive for safer working conditions by formulating a drug-free policy for operations and then enforcing it. This protects the employees from poor decisions made by impaired judgment. Perhaps more importantly, it protects employees, customers, and bystanders from physical harm as a result of impaired reflexes or reaction times.

However, a drug-free policy requires deterrence and enforcement. One way to do this is through drug testing, but this isn’t something that just anyone can do. The collection of a specimen for drug testing must be done carefully, both to obtain a viable sample that can be easily tested in a lab, and to prevent deliberate contamination from cheating tests.

Training Matters

Drug testing and specimen collection are both precise disciplines and require specialized equipment, knowledge, and training to perform. This is why people in these industries take drug testing certification classes. These not only teach the proper methods for reliable, consistent, quality sample collection, they also orient collectors with the appropriate regulations for different Department of Transportation agencies.

Since the DOT has different requirements for testing for different administrations like FAA, FMCSA, FRA, and more, specimen collectors need to get proper DOT training if they wish to work with companies that must have DOT compliant drug testing.

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