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This course is designed to prepare collectors to conduct saliva specimen collections according to the best practices and protocols necessary to maintain test reliability and legal admissibility. While it is a growing choice for testing professionals for its detection period, adulteration limitations, and ease of collection, there are still protocols which must be followed to ensure testing reliability and admissibility.

Oral Fluid is a testing medium with the added benefit of avoiding much of the privacy concerns involved with urine collection and the aesthetic concerns of hair testing. It screens for substances using the fluid already present in the mouth.

There are two types of Oral Fluid/Saliva Drug Test Collections: Instant/Rapid Results and Laboratory-based collections. Instant tests are capable of providing a screening result within minutes, but any non-negative result must be confirmed by an independent laboratory. The lab-based collection will be sent directly to the lab for both screening and any necessary confirmation.

  • Successful students will be able to conduct collections and testing according to the relevant protocols for the testing modality when provided with relevant and dynamic collection scenarios with a 100% proficiency.
  • Successful students will be able to express an understanding of industry terms and the protocols involved by completing an online quiz with 75% or greater proficiency.