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What Do I Need To Know About DOT Drug Collector Training?

  • Published: Jan, 28 2020
  • Updated: Jan, 28 2020

In order to become a DOT drug collector, one must be aware of a number of regulations and processes surrounding drug specimen collection. One must know about Part 40 regulations, they must know current DOT Urine Specimen Collection Procedures Guidelines, and they must know about any and all agency regulations applicable to employers you collect specimens for. DOT drug collector training covers all of these aspects of learning and more, making sure that new collectors in the field are prepared to handle any scenario that may come their way. 

The Content Of The DOT Drug Collector Training  

Before undergoing DOT drug collector training, many may wonder just what the content of the course may be. There is no set DOT curriculum published by the department to follow, so training courses may vary depending on the  course you choose. However, all DOT drug collector training programs will cover DOT regulations and publications to ensure all collectors are fully aware of current regulations through DOT. 

Some of the key components covered in the content may include: 

  • Part 40 – All training courses should make sure students are knowledgeable about all Part 40 collection procedures and regulations.  
  • Steps in proper collection – Your DOT drug collector training course will completely instruct students on all steps involved in proper collection. This includes collecting samples, transporting samples, and making sure samples are going to be effective in testing.  
  • How to fill out collections forms – Federal collections forms are required when collecting samples to be used in drug testing, and your DOT drug collector training course will cover all forms you may encounter when making collections. 
  • How to handle problem collections – Problem collections are unfortunately a regular part of specimen collection. Your DOT drug collector training will teach you how to handle shy bladders, those who may wish to tamper with the test, and those who may attempt to provide false samples.  
  • Maintaining credibility and integrity – Your DOT drug collector training course will also cover how to maintain credibility and integrity when collecting specimens for drug testing. This will also cover how to secure specimens 

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