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What Is DOT Supervisor Training?

  • Published: Jan, 23 2020
  • Updated: Jan, 23 2020

DOT supervisor training is tailored to specifically suit those in a management or supervisory role in both maintaining their management skills as well as provide drug and alcohol screening to their employees. This DOT supervisor training focuses heavily on the DOT guidelines and regulations in drug screening, allowing supervisors to conduct random drug tests within all guidelines in order to limit any liabilities. This training differs from other types of drug collector training as it pertains to those in the unique role of supervising a team or company of employees. 

What does DOT Supervisor Training Include? 

DOT supervisor training includes various points of content that all focus on preparing supervisors to effectively and confidently carry out drug screens. Some key points of the instruction include: 

  • Employee awareness – Employee awareness training teaches supervisors to teach their employees. What this teaching will include or involve is how to spot potential substance abuse or illicit substance use on the job, and how to report these incidents to supervisors. With a special focus on how substance use affects safety and day to day operations, employees will learn just how important it is to report these incidents. 
  • The role of supervisor – This DOT supervisor training will also focus on the role of the supervisor, both in motivating and encouraging employees and maintaining a safe and drug-free workplace. This portion of instruction will teach supervisors how their role in management can help those who may be struggling with substance abuse problems.  
  • Drug and alcohol testing – Perhaps the most important part of the DOT supervisor training program is the focus on drug and alcohol testing. This portion of the instruction will teach supervisors about the entire testing process, including specimen collection, all in agreement with Part 40 regulations. After completing this instruction, supervisors will have a complete understanding of regulations, the testing process, and how to conduct testing while maintaining privacy, integrity, and accuracy in their testing. 

DOT supervisor training is a valuable course for all in a supervisor role, regardless of the field one may be working in. Illicit substance use on the job, or employees coming into work intoxicated from substance use at home, can present a dangerous workplace for all. With DOT supervisor training, supervisors are left feeling prepared and confident that they can uphold a drug-free workplace going forward. 

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