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3 Things You Need To Know About Specimen Collector Training

  • Published: Dec, 2 2019
  • Updated: Dec, 10 2019

In terms of drug and substance testing, a collector is someone who assists and instructs employees at a specimen collection site. The collector receives the specimen and with their adequate knowledge and training, performs an initial inspection of the specimen. 

The role of specimen collectors in maintaining the credibility of the drug test process is very crucial. If the collectors are not credible themselves, then the integrity of the test may prove questionable.

Ultimately, for a collector to be reliable, he or she should have gone through comprehensive and intensive training. Fortunately, there are reliable training courses that can help willing and interested individuals know everything that needs to be learned to do the job properly and safely. 

Here are the three things you need to know about specimen collector training.

  1. Training Must Be Facilitated By and Experienced Instructor
    Information provided in a training course is only as good as the person providing it. Aside from the clear and complete presentation of facts, information, steps, and other resources, the instructor must be able to exhibit actual and practical experience in performing the specimen collection.
  2. Training Must Provide Thorough Coverage of Information
    It is one thing to provide the information and another to allow students to fully understand it. The course must provide students ample time to learn and understand all aspects of the course. Aside from teaching a student how to collect samples, the course should also tackle problems that commonly arise during collection. These problems include specimen contamination and shy bladder.
  3. Training Must Allow Some Level of Development or Customization
    Not all students learn at the same pace. A good specimen collection training course is one that allows some level of personalization in order to help make sure that the student really understood the steps and other aspects of the course.

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