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A DOT Drug Collector Is A Cut Above

  • Published: Jun, 4 2020
  • Updated: Jun, 4 2020

Many businesses today want to maintain a drug-free workplace either as a matter of professional pride or because they have a legal mandate from the Department of Transportation to do so if they want to operate legally. The need for drug testing means that specialists are required to get the viable specimens necessary for labs to do their testing.

For people looking for a career that makes a real contribution, DOT drug collector training can make a difference. Here’s how.

Safety Above All

The Department of Transportation oversees all professional transport-related activities and adjacent industries in the US. So while private citizens driving their own car don’t have to worry too much about the DoT, professionals, such as air freight pilots, truckers hauling cargo, or an engineer for freight trains do.

Moreover, each of these different industries answers to a specific federal agency within the umbrella of DoT groups. Truck drivers, and associated logistics businesses, for example, answer to the DoT’s Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration. Pilots and companies that repair aircraft fall under the jurisdiction of the Federal Aviation Administration. In contrast, engineers and companies that carry cargo across American tracks are aligned with the Federal Railway Administration.

Testing Has Specific Needs

Different types of transportation make various demands and challenges on the vehicle operators and the support infrastructure. Truckers don’t work the same way pilots or engineers do. To reflect this, the drug testing for these different groups must comply with requirements appropriate to their industry.

In other words, the testing required for FMCSA businesses is not the same as the drug testing required for FAA businesses. This means that the regulations and protocol for drug collection and testing must reflect this.

Get The Right Training

While all drug collector training goes over some fundamentals, like how to collect a viable sample that a lab can use, there are also variations. Drug collection for different DoT associated businesses requires different protocols and methods. This means that people interested in working with these companies must be aware of the regulations in place for each DoT agency and comply with them to ensure the companies being tested are also cleared for compliance.

If you’re interested in a career working with large arrays of business that want or need to remain drug-free, looking into DoT drug collector training, being compliant with the different agencies broadens your career scope significantly.

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