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A Guide To Drug & Alcohol Collection Training Courses

  • Published: Dec, 10 2019
  • Updated: Dec, 10 2019

Substance abuse can have a significant, negative impact on a workplace due to a whole gamut of consequences from poor work, drug-related negligence leading to accidents, absenteeism, disruptions in the workplace, and even theft.

Because of this, workplace testing for drugs and alcohol is now common practice for many businesses. For some, it may even be a legal requirement to remain compliant with regulations by government bodies by like the Department of Transportation or the Federal Aviation Administration. And that means requiring drug and alcohol collection training.

Thorough & Meticulous

Getting a sample for testing an employee for traces of drug or alcohol in the system isn’t as simple as just asking for hair, blood, urine or breath sample. There is a very strict, regimented process to ensure both fair evaluations of a clear sample, and, more importantly, to prevent contaminating a sample to modify or negate results of a test.

This means that drug and alcohol collection training is required for the people designated to collect samples. In some cases, this may mean training that is required to remain compliant with DoT, FAA, or other agency regulations. In other cases, it may be to ensure a thorough, honest collection process with no chance of contamination that would call into question either side of the collection equation.

Doing It Right

The best way to get proper drug and alcohol collection training is to go straight to experienced professionals. This, of course, takes both a financial investment in training, as well as some time to attend courses or even travel to the training facilities.

Some of this can be offset, however, by taking the courses online. Of course, there’s no teacher like practice and experience, but much of the theory and regulatory information is available for everything from policy to urine collection training. Look into it today.

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