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Drug Free Workplace Training Courses: Finally Available Online

  • Published: Jan, 7 2020
  • Updated: Jan, 7 2020

Anyone that runs a business knows that there are many factors that can cut into profits. Accidents can affect your employees and your equipment. Downturns in business can hurt your revenues. And then there is drug use, which may negatively impact your finances in many indirect ways.

While most business owners already know the dangers and inefficiencies that drug use by employees can bring into the workplace, it’s not enough to lay out a “no drugs” policy and call it a day. If you want to have a drug free workplace, it takes thought, commitment, and an enforceable structure. In other words, it takes a plan.

Drug Free Workplace Training Makes A Difference

Fortunately, there’s been much discussion, research, and experimentation in management to come up with effective policies, action plans, and consequences for maintaining a drug-free workplace that doesn’t compromise on the quality of work and results in that workplace.

Drug free workplace training is available to any proactive business owner that wants to ensure that all employees feel happy, safe, and sober at the workplace, with reasonable policies and good plans of action for rewarding a drug-free environment while dealing appropriately with those that break policy.

There has, however, been one catch. These training courses, while valuable, also take up money, time, and travel. While for most business owners, the cost is considered a good investment, the loss of time and travel can be inconvenient for a busy schedule. Fortunately, now there’s a solution for even these issues.

It’s Now Online

If you or your managers can’t seem to find the time, or accessible location to learn all about maintaining a drug-free environment at work, there is now drug-free workplace training online. This is a perfect solution for a busy schedule because now it gives you the option of setting aside some time at your workplace for the relevant staff to learn, thus taking lost travel time out of the equation.

Conversely, if time is an issue, the online nature of the course means that, as with streaming services like Netflix, people can consume the content at their own time and pace, setting aside a little bit of professional development time at home, on the weekend, rather than having to impact the work schedule.

Convenient & Necessary

Drug free workplace training online is a very handy way to get the vital information you need without too much disruption to your schedule. But at the same time, this kind of training may not just be a “nice to have” for your company; it may be vital to remaining compliant with the law and being able to continue legal operation.

If you have a company in logistics, for example, that uses drivers working under professional conditions, then the Department of Transportation (DoT) has rigorous demands for all associated businesses that mean a good drug-free policy must be in place, and up to the standards that the DoT has laid out. Drug free workplace training online makes it possible for you to keep up to date without impacting your operations

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