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Drug Screen Training And Your Organization

  • Published: May, 7 2020
  • Updated: May, 7 2020

There are all sorts of businesses across various industries in the world today. Many of which want to be drug-free workplaces. Why? Well, for one, if employees are under the influence of marijuana, cocaine, opioids, or other substances, they could put themselves as well as their co-workers in danger. Should someone happen to get injured and hurt, the company could be held liable.

Hence, it only makes sense to start drug screening workers now rather than later. With any luck, the action will help the organization avoid lawsuits and workers' compensation claims. Still, though, lots of bosses don't know where to begin when it comes to testing their employees for illegal substances. They shouldn't fret, though, as that is where our courses come into play.

One class, in particular, the Non-DOT Supervisor Training Course, is sure to prepare you and managers for your drug screen training endeavors. The following sections will cover some of the ins and outs of the program. Thus, interested parties should read on to learn more.

Things That This Drug Screen Training Course Brings To The Table

This is a 2-hour class that covers alcohol misuse in at least 60-minutes. Additionally, the other 60-minutes is reserved for discussing and learning about the use of controlled substances. The program's courses are approved for continuing education credits as well. In other words, the materials meet the high standards of accredited substance abuse institutions. To complete the program successfully, students must complete an online quiz with 75-percent or better.

Benefits Associated With The Non-DOT Supervisor Training Course

Supervisors gain valuable information to help them make reasonable suspicion calls in the workplace. They are taught about signs and symptoms to be on the lookout when it comes to substance use and abuse on the job. These elements combine to assist the company as a whole in avoiding safety risks and potential liabilities. So, what are you waiting for? Give your managers the education that they need to enforce a drug and alcohol-free workplace.

If this program doesn't suit your fancy, there are many others available. Whatever your drug training needs may be, our organization has you covered. The pros of enrolling in these classes far outweigh any cons. Thus, business leaders should think outside of the box and take steps to make their offices safer and better for everyone to enjoy. 

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