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Drug Screen Training Is Essential For Safety

  • Published: Apr, 21 2020
  • Updated: Apr, 21 2020

America faces a new challenge unlike anything ever seen in the modern age: the COVID-19 pandemic. Life for many people is changing, but for some, being busy with work as usual has become more important than ever. Logistics professionals, like truck drivers and train operators, are critical to keeping society orderly in a time of crisis. That means it’s essential that drug testing continues and that it’s carried out safely.

Staying Vigilant

Logistics has never been an easy. There is a lot of discipline and even stress involved in transporting freight from one destination to another in good condition on time. These goals are critical to maintaining a supply chain during peacetime, but during a time of crisis, it becomes even more critical. 

Now, professional drivers all over the country may not just be transporting everyday items but also masks, protective clothing, ventilators, and other equipment crucial to the fight against COVID-19. The pressure to perform is higher than ever before, and because the stress may be too high, the temptation to divert stress with drugs can also rise. While it’s understandable that people want to escape from the anxieties of America’s current crisis, doing so puts cargo—and, potentially, lives—at risk.

Screening Matters More Than Ever

Drug screening is a requirement for many transport-related activities, whether it is for professional truck drivers, pilots, or public transport employees. Typically, drug screening is conducted to ensure that people operating heavy transportation machinery are adhering to safe operating procedures and remaining sober. There is always a risk that someone operating under the influence of drugs or alcohol may make an avoidable, negligent error that can result in property damage, injury, and even death.

Periodic drug screening is the best way to ensure that frontline workers like drivers and pilots stay safe, sober, and clean. Today, however, in addition to professional testing to ensure accurate results for positive or negative drug use, it’s also essential to conduct safe testing to protect test subjects and testers from possible infections.

Professional Training Must Keep Up

Drug testing involves collecting biological samples from a test subject. These may be in the form of urine, breath, or even hair. However, this means close contact for both the tester and the test subject. COVID-19 can be actively transferred between people through physical contact or the transmission of contaminated particles, such as saliva from a sneeze or cough. That’s why testing must be more careful and stringent than ever before—you want to ensure good results and protect everyone involved at the same time. 

Testing conducted by individuals who have undergone drug screen training ensures that testers go out into the field well protected. Certified testers know how to protect themselves and the people they serve. No one can afford to get sick or fall prey to drug use at this time of crisis. People with certified drug screen training are invaluable when it comes to efficient but safe testing.

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