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Drug Screening Makes Work Safer

  • Published: Feb, 13 2020
  • Updated: Feb, 13 2020

Whether it’s people out on a construction site, drivers hauling freight across the country, or even an office job in the middle of downtown, the one thing everyone wants is a safe working environment. One of the ways that a safer workplace is established is ensuring that all workers are sober and working with clear heads and reflexes. The best way to ensure that is through drug screen training.

Peace Of Mind & Compliance

There are two important reasons to consider implementing a drug screening program in your business. The first is that, if you have any business related to logistics or professional transportation, such as aviation, you may not have a choice. Any business that falls under the jurisdiction of the Department of Transportation is required to have mandatory drug testing.

Perhaps more importantly, however, drug screening works and creates a safer environment for workers. Businesses that implement drug screening as part of a hiring policy, for example, often risky employee prospects before they get hired. Regular drug testing at the workplace also gives employees the peace of mind that comes from knowing that everyone is clear and sober.

It Takes Training

Drug screening, however, is not something that just anyone can do. The use of proper tools and knowledge is required to get a proper, viable sample that labs can use for testing. Perhaps more importantly, there needs to be an awareness of how to conduct a secure drug screening test so that the results can’t be contaminated or compromised by people attempting to cheat the results.

To run an effective drug screening policy, drug screen training is required. Sometimes there may need to be extra factors to consider, such as implementing a policy and testing system that is compliant with the Department of Transportation. Depending on the need, drug screen training can cover a lot of different areas.

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