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Drug Testing Certification Classes

  • Published: Jan, 15 2020
  • Updated: Jan, 15 2020

Not every company uses them, but drug tests are very often a regular part of the employment process.  A drug screening can reveal whether a potential employee uses drugs that may affect their performance, and employers can use them to find out if employees might have a reason why their workability and attendance is slipping.  Drug tests are also common throughout the justice system as a part of the parole process or a court-mandated recovery period.  And thanks to modern testing methods, a single drug test can reveal traces of dozens of substances.

Taking one of these drug tests is simple enough.  However, administering a test to someone else requires some training thanks to the way you need to carefully handle the sample, keep track of it until you can seal it up, and follow other regulations set out on the state and federal levels.  If you also want to test the sample, you’ll also need the right equipment and know how to use it properly.  The regulations are too precise to learn on the job, but fortunately you can get the qualifications you need by taking the drug testing certification classes available on

Our Purpose

MyDrugTestTraining is an affiliate of the larger company National Drug Screening.   NDS operates a network of drug testing sites, clinics, and trainers who can show companies how to properly conduct drug tests for their employees.  Many small businesses throughout the United States are part of the NDS network, and so you can find a certified NDS technician in your area no matter where you live.  NDS also works directly with employers and local drug courts, and they can ship drug tests right to you for your personal use.

The NDS network is always growing, and so MyDrugTestTraining exists to help new companies and individuals get the drug testing certification classes they need to join the network or else start conducting tests of their own.  Our classes can also help teach employers what to expect from drug test results and educate employees on how to perform a drug test without any legal issues.

We Can Help You Meet DOT Standards

The federal Department of Transportation (DOT) has set very strict and specific regulations for air pilots, train engineers, and others who operate large and dangerous vehicles.  That’s why at MyDrugTestTraining we offer several drug testing certification classes specifically for employers and testers who will work in industries that have to meet the DOT’s standards.  And since the DOT isn’t the only organization setting standards for drug testing, we also offer courses that explain how to run non-DOT drug tests.

Thanks to all the courses we offer, you can get a comprehensive understanding of how to administer, analyze, and understand the results of the drug tests used by National Drug Screening and other organizations.  Different courses focus on the different positions involved in the process, including employee education, employer representatives, test supervisors, and technicians.  We can also work with employers to set up mock tests.

We Educate About Alternate Tests

Urine samples are by far the most used for drug tests since a lot of metabolized drug byproducts leave through the kidneys and bladder.  However, the need for privacy during urination (or the lack of it) makes urine collection less than ideal.  Fortunately, NDS and other companies are pioneering the use of other samples like saliva and hair.  Hair is a much better option for samples since almost everyone has some amount of head or body hair and the sample taker can have full custody of the sample at all times.

The downside is that new sample types mean new procedures to follow and new equipment to test the samples.  Fortunately, you can learn all about it at MyDrugTestTraining since we also offer drug testing certification classes for non-urine testing methods.  We also offer a certification for DNA testing, a test used for paternity cases, criminal trials, and individuals curious about their genetic ancestry. 

MyDrugTestTraining has all the courses you need to learn how to take part in drug testing in various positions.  Whether you’re an employer who wants to introduce drug testing into your hiring process or a small business that wants to join the NDS network, we have the drug testing certification classes that will get you qualified.  Take a look at the courses we’re offering and sign up today.

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