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Drug Testing Technician Training Is An Important Skill

  • Published: Apr, 23 2020
  • Updated: Apr, 23 2020

The current COVID-19 crisis has shown that many professions in the USA can be deemed “non-essential” by federal and state officials. However, one service that is, without question, critical to the continued progress of the entire country is logistics. Without the various arms of the transportation industry ensuring planes with freight get into the air or trains with cargo cross the country on schedule, the situation in the USA would be dire.

However, because of the stricter professional requirements for the transportation and infrastructure industry, the honor system isn’t enough to regulate activities. Those associated with professional transportation must adhere to requirements for sobriety, and this is checked by people who have undergone drug testing technician training.

Compliance Is The Law

The transportation infrastructure falls under the jurisdiction of the Department of Transportation. It has regulations in place that businesses must comply with if they want to operate legally. Part of these regulations has to do with maintaining a sober workforce. When pilots, drivers, and other professional vehicle operators are paid to move things around the country, there is an additional need to make sure they do so without the influence of drugs or alcohol impeding their judgment, reaction time, or performance.

Drug testing technicians are the frontline soldiers in ensuring that business owners and their vehicle operators stay clean while on the job. Both random and periodic testing are required to determine whether vehicle operators or other associated staff are observing regulations and doing their jobs without using illegal substances.

Accuracy And Honesty

A drug testing technician has two primary goals when collecting test samples. The first and most important one is having the knowledge and expertise to obtain clean, viable samples for scientific analysis. Without proper collection techniques, a sample can be compromised and produce either inconclusive or even false results.

Their other goal is to ensure precise results outside of using proper techniques to get a pure viable sample. We live in a world where some people are willing to cheat and modify the results of testing to try to maintain their job. A drug testing technician must know how to secure a space that can circumvent cheating or make it evident that fraud has occurred.

For example, one popular tactic to make results inconclusive for urine samples is to dilute the sample with water. This can be prevented by placing barriers on water taps to it’s obvious they’ve been used and adding dye to toilet water. If the water turns blue, it becomes clear that cheating has occurred.

Get Trained Today

Not everyone can be a drug tester. Certified, verifiable drug testing technician training is required to take part in this vital career. Logistics businesses that want to remain compliant and drug testing labs that need samples to get conclusive lab results to be used for management decisions rely on the skills of properly trained technicians. In the foreseeable future, drug testing technicians will play an important role.

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