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Get The Practice You Need With DOT Mocks

  • Published: Apr, 28 2020
  • Updated: Apr, 28 2020

The Department of Transportation (DOT) has strict regulations in place for businesses interested in professional transportation. This means that pilots, truck drivers, and public transit operators follow a higher standard of driving safety and sobriety than ordinary vehicle owners. Enforcing sobriety standards is not just a matter of trusting vehicle operators to follow an honor system; they require people to test selected staff for drug use. The people who do this—DOT certified drug collectors—train with DOT mocks.

What Are DOT Mocks?

DOT mocks are mostly practice equipment that people interested in a profession as a DOT certified drug test collector can use. Being a drug test collector involves knowing the regulations for different DOT organizations, such as the FAA or FMCSA, with regards to testing. However, it also entails familiarity with the equipment, using it correctly and efficiently, and spotting attempts to tamper with or cheat the test.

Practice is an essential part of training. All the theory in the world is no substitute for getting hands-on time with actual equipment and using it in a training setup. It’s essential to follow the protocols laid out by the DOT for the proper regulation of equipment.

Getting A Feel For The Equipment

It’s also crucial for future drug test collectors to develop a sharp eye for detail. Part of using the mock sets for practice is getting a sense of how the equipment should and should not be used. Sadly, even when people defy the law and use drugs, some are unwilling to face the consequences of their actions and will try to outsmart the test.

By practicing how to use certified DOT mocks, trainees can get a sense of how cheating can take place. They’ll be better prepared to prevent that possibility or discover it if an attempt has been carried out.

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