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Hair Collector Training Is A Great Opportunity In Drug Testing Careers

  • Published: Apr, 30 2020
  • Updated: Apr, 30 2020

Drug testing is an essential aspect of any professional transportation business. It’s also mandatory, as any business that wants to remain legal under the Department of Transportation must stay compliant with drug testing protocols. 

When it comes to careers, there’s a market for drug test technicians. In addition, a new, more efficient, and more precise form of drug testing is available to people willing to undertake hair collector training.

From Crime And Forensics To Transportation Safety

Hair analysis was originally a particular type of testing that was mainly conducted for criminal investigations. By taking a sample of hair, experts could extract DNA, which was useful in implicating or eliminating suspects in a crime investigation. 

However, it was eventually found that hair was also an ideal medium for preserving metabolites. Metabolites are the residue left in the body after it has processed narcotic substances. Different drugs leave different metabolites, but metabolites leave the body through various ways, such as urine or the bloodstream, within days or weeks after drug use. Those deposited in the hair, however, are permanent. More importantly, a hair analysis can determine how many times and at what periods drugs were consumed.

Training Is Required

These developments in drug use testing are now available to companies. However, the process isn’t as simple as just taking a pair of scissors to someone’s hair. There are strict protocols that need to be observed, both to preserve the hair for analysis and prevent attempts to cheat the test.

This is where hair collector training becomes essential. People who are trained and certified in this technique can conduct fast, accessible sample collection that is less disruptive and invasive and produces excellent results for everyone. Try getting proper certified training in the technique if you’re interested in this career option. 

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