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How To Be A Certified DOT Drug Test Collector

  • Published: Apr, 9 2020
  • Updated: Apr, 9 2020

People who operate vehicles professionally, such as those in logistics and public transportation, have an extra set of regulations they must comply with in addition to ordinary traffic laws. These are laws set down by the Department of Transportation (DOT), and one of them states that people who must remain sober aren’t doing so just because of the honor system. Testing for drugs and alcohol occurs and is administered by drug test collectors. If you want to find out how to be a certified DOT drug test collector, keep reading.

Training Is Required

As indicated by the term, becoming a certified DOT drug test collector isn’t like signing up for a job in the fast-food industry or agreeing to do volunteer work. Working as a drug test technician requires both knowledge and training, with certification for your credentials.

Candidates will need to familiarize themselves with the standards for drug testing laid out by the DOT. Specific protocols have been created to maximize the chances of a viable sample that can be analyzed in a lab. Other regulations are put in place to minimize the success of cheating. Because dismissal is one possible outcome of a failed test, drug collectors have to be prepared to eliminate any opportunities for cheating or uncover attempts if they are made.

The Right Equipment

Experience with the proper equipment and collection procedures also requires training. The DOT protocol for urine specimen collection, for example, involves standardized tools and approved material for use. When it comes to alcohol tests, familiarity with breathalyzer equipment and accurate usage of it also require training.

Anyone who wants to learn how to be a certified DOT drug test collector needs to talk to an appropriate training organization for their area of interest, such as DOT specimen training. Only a legitimate, certified training organization can you give you the recognized, validated training you need.

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