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Industries Need More DOT Drug Collectors

  • Published: Jan, 30 2020
  • Updated: Jan, 30 2020

The Department of Transportation is the Federal Agency in the USA that is responsible for ensuring that both transportation and infrastructure transportation relies on, runs smoothly, and adheres to certain standards. Other organizations, such as the Federal Aviation Administration, are components of this larger group.

Because of its role in overseeing the smooth operation of American transportation, part of the responsibilities of this agency focus on safety. Substance abuse, particularly alcohol, can have a serious, negative impact on driving, flying, and other transportation activities. So in addition to laws prohibiting the use of such substances, there are regulations in place to test for the presence of these substances in the bloodstream.

Professional Requirements

When it comes to professional transportation, the DOT does not leave the monitoring of substance abuse only to police officers or other legal authorities to test once questionable performance is seen. Plane pilots, especially for passenger craft, are responsible for many lives, while professional truck drivers often work long, rigorous hours to ensure that goods get to their destinations on time.

This means that there are much stricter needs in place to enforce professional drivers and pilots to maintain sobriety on the job. The DOT already has guidelines in place for different lines of work that require mandatory drug testing at specified intervals. 

Retaining Compliance

However, drug testing is not something that can occur in any way that a business sees fit. The DOT has specific policies for how drug tests must be conducted to ensure the best possible chance at an uncontaminated specimen collection that has not been subject to cheating. Compliance with these DOT requirements is required for any business that wants to retain legal permit to operate.

This is where DOT drug collector training comes in. Whether there’s a need for someone on staff at a business to be aware of DOT regulations for testing or interest in offering DOT compliant testing services to businesses in need, this is a valuable service. DOT drug collector training means getting the theory, practice and certification to use DOT approved equipment for testing. However, it also means having the expertise to ensure that specimen collection remains honest and uncontaminated by attempts to cheat the results.

DOT drug collector training ranges from urine specimen collection to breath samples and even hair or saliva depending on the requirements and procedures available. There are a lot of options and opportunities for training in this field, and it’s only going to grow.

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