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Sharpen Your Skills With DOT Mocks

  • Published: May, 28 2020
  • Updated: May, 28 2020

If you’re thinking of a career in drug testing, it’s a very productive line of work that fulfills an important role. However, many transportation companies in different industries must remain compliant with the drug testing standards set by various agencies in the Department of Transportation. This means that if you want to work with those businesses, you’ll need to be aware of these requirements too.

Different Agencies, Different Standards

While there are certain general principals that all professional drug testers should know and follow, that doesn’t necessarily cover everything specimen collectors need to know. In addition to general guidelines for ensuring that a sample is viable, there may also be specific collection protocols that have to be observed to satisfy DoT requirements from different agencies.

The way the Federal Aviation Administration wants drug testing done, for pilots, for example, may differ slightly from how the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration wants it done for truckers. So a one-size-fits-all generic technique isn’t going to be acceptable.

Practice Makes Perfect

The best way to be a reliable drug test specimen collector is to get experience. Practicing with DOT mocks means having access to DOT approved, regulation equipment. By using DOT mocks, you can get used to using the material in the recommended way for different collection needs.

This also allows you to get a feel for cheating. It’s not just a matter of collecting a sample from a donor; in some cases, the test subject may try to counterfeit or contaminate results to avoid discovery. Familiarity with DOT mocks, and their use will better prepare you for defeating these attempts on the job.

If you’re interested in getting the equipment you need to start practicing, we can help. Contact us and find out more about our DOT mocks and collection training. We’ll get you started on the path to a promising career.

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