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Training To Become A Specimen Collector? Take The Course Online

  • Published: Dec, 17 2019
  • Updated: Dec, 17 2019

With the legalization of marijuana at the Federal level in Canada, and more states throughout the USA also following suit, the nature of drug use in the workplace has changed. While in some states, cannabis access and use may no longer be illegal, that doesn’t reduce the dangerous effects it can have on people under its influence, but now, like alcohol, it’s easier than ever to access.

Drug testing at the workplace is becoming more commonplace, not just for a safer environment, but in some cases to remain compliant with regulations from governing bodies like the Department of Transportation. That means there is a growing career in drug testing, and for interested people, it’s important to get specimen collector training.

Doing It Professionally

For reliable drug testing results, extensive procedures have been crafted to ensure proper preparation, collection delivery, and evaluation of samples. All of this is because, over the years, it has been found that less scrupulous employees can—and will—attempt to game the system and forge results.

Specimen collector training is a fundamental skill for workplace drug testing because if this stage is not securely, honestly conducted, all the results after that are suspect. This is why proper training is critical to make sure that the people who conduct specimen collection are competent, capable and professional.

The Online Option

Fortunately, while getting specimen collector training at a facility is always an option, online training is now available as well. Everything a potential collector needs to know—including the tools of the trade—are available for learning and practice.

So anyone that is interested in getting trained the right way for DoT compliant urine collection, or saliva/oral collection, or even making sure that a hair sample is correctly gathered for the most recent and effective means of drug testing, there are now online courses available so that people can learn and train at their own pace without needing to commute.

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