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Using Mocks Is Essential For DOT Collection Practice

  • Published: Feb, 4 2020
  • Updated: Feb, 7 2020

With the new year, Illinois adds itself to the list of states legalizing marijuana, for a total of 10, and the momentum is unlikely to stop there. More states around the country are treating marijuana like alcohol, as a potentially harmful, but not illegal substance, and that means more people are likely to engage in its use. For workplaces, this means being more alert about the impact of drug use for DOT-related businesses.

More Alert Than Ever

The consumption of alcohol by workers has always been frowned upon during the workday by businesses and with good reason. Workers under the influence of alcohol can have a severe, negative impact on the performance and overall efficiency of a business. The same holds with drugs, especially in sensitive jobs sub as transportation, where the Department of Transportation has strict regulations in place about penalties for drug use.

Because of this, drug testing is an important component of any business that works with the DOT, but drug testing is only as successful as the people who conduct the testing. This is why it’s not enough to implement a drug testing policy; it’s important to ensure that people within a business have the knowledge, experience and confidence to conduct drug tests with results that can be trusted. Practicing DOT mocks helps selected employees to get to that level.

Practice Makes Perfect

The Department of Transportation has, over the decades, formulated strict policies against substance abuse. They have created guidelines for testing employees that any professional transportation-related business must remain compliant with to continue operating.

The testing process is rigorously documented for both safety and security. These protocols have to be known, understood, and strictly observed. But with techniques in place this detailed and demanding, it’s unreasonable to think that people will learn what they need to in one lesson, or by reading a detailed manual. Learning by doing has always been one of the most effective teachers, and this is especially true when it comes to the best practices for DOT drug testing.

Make Use Of Mocks

For appointed employees to get confident and develop a good feel for drug testing, DOT mocks are available for study and practice runs. This is especially important in the area of specimen collection as testers need valuable hands-on experience, not just to learn how to collect samples correctly but ensure security.

Sadly, some employees, rather than face the consequences of their actions, try to bluff their way through tests by counterfeiting their results. Extensive practice with mock tests for different methods, such as urine collection, can help train testers to familiarize themselves both with the collection process itself, and ways to prevent—or spot—purposeful attempts to compromise results.

With a proper training kit, mock testing provides the necessary practice as well as the experience and official certification that businesses need. Anyone that wants to do these tests correctly for reliable results and DOT compliance should ensure that mocks are available for valuable training, practice, and certification.

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