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What Can I Expect From Drug Testing Technician Training?

  • Published: Dec, 19 2019
  • Updated: Dec, 19 2019

For those considering drug testing technician training, or those about to undergo drug testing technician training, you may be wondering what to expect. This training has been a requirement for nearly 20 years to work in the specimen collection field, and the training course you choose to undertake is important to the success of your experience or career. Knowing what to expect will prepare you in your drug testing technician training, and give you a good heads up of what you’ll experience working in testing and collection. 

The Drug Testing Technician Training Experience 

The drug testing training experience will be comprised of instruction and hands-on learning. It will leave you feeling confident and prepared to work in the field, including the various scenarios you may face while working as a drug testing technician. Some key points of drug testing technician training are:

  • Professionalism and consistency – One key point that will be covered in your drug testing technician training is professionalism and consistency in your specimen collection and testing. You’ll be trained in how to maintain confidentiality of the donor, control of the specimen, and integrity of the collection process. This portion of training covers both urine and hair collection, and teaches just what to expect from both methods of collection. 
  • Meeting the DOT requirements – Your drug testing technician training will also focus on meeting DOT requirements in both training and work in the field. This not only teaches you how to meet DOT requirements while working in the field, but to oversee other collectors in your career to ensure they are meeting DOT requirements in their collection and testing as well. 
  • Courses can be completed online – For convenience in today’s busy modern age, your drug testing technician training can be performed entirely online. This gives working professionals a way to get the certification in the field that they need without leaving the comfort of home. These online training courses cover all of the information you need to be certified and prepared in the field of drug testing and specimen collection. 

The experience of drug testing technician training is a valuable one, and one that will prepare you for all of the various scenarios you may experience while working in testing and specimen collection. Knowing what to expect prepares you to succeed in your training and your career as a drug testing technician. 

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