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What You Need To Know About Collection Training And DOT Mocks

  • Published: Jan, 9 2020
  • Updated: Jan, 9 2020

When taking collection training courses, successful completion of instruction and examination isn’t all you need to qualify as a collector. A collector in training must also collect DOT mocks, completing these mocks of different scenarios flawlessly to prove you are ready to become a certified collector. While you may have proven that you have mastered the instructional part of your course, and you can pass an examination, it’s these DOT mocks that show you can really put your knowledge into practice while in the field. 

DOT mocks are a necessary part of your course completion, and they are a requirement to become a qualified collector via the Department of Transportation and Department of Health and Human Services. Without successful completion of these DOT mocks, one cannot successfully complete their course. 

What Scenarios Are Involved In DOT Mocks? 

DOT mocks show that you’re ready to put your learning into practice while in the field. As you work in specimen collection, you’re likely to see a vast array of different scenarios when it comes to specimen collection and drug testing. For this reason, your DOT mocks will encompass a handful of different scenarios that you should know how to navigate through your instructional training. The scenarios that may be included in your DOT mocks include:

  • 2 uneventful collections – Your DOT mocks will include 2 uneventful collections when the specimen passes the test without showing any presence of substances. 
  • 1 collection where the quantity of specimen is insufficient – One DOT mock will involve a scenario where the quantity of the specimen you have is not sufficient to complete the test accurately. 
  • 1 collection where the specimen is out of temperature range – One DOT mock collection will involve a specimen that is outside of the necessary temperature range. 
  • 1 collection where the donor refuses to sign the certification or initial a security strip – Another DOT mock collection will involve a scenario where the donor does not cooperate with the signing of a certification or initialing of a security strip.  

Once a collector in training flawlessly completes their assigned DOT mocks, they’ll be ready to complete their course and begin collecting specimens for testing. They have proven that they can handle any scenario that greets them while working in the field, and that they’re able to put their instruction hours into physical practice. 

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