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Why Take Drug Screen Training?

  • Published: Dec, 26 2019
  • Updated: Dec, 26 2019

Keeping a drug-free workplace is important always, but especially in today’s day and age. Drug use can compromise your business, the safety of your day to day operations, and the success of your business going forward. The difficult truth is that drug use is a rampant problem for many employers, and it pays to be prepared to keep your workplace free from the risks of intoxication. 

Drug screen training can enable you to perform drug tests within all regulations on-site, allowing you to perform random drug screenings with complete confidence. Drug screen training certification can be performed entirely online, allowing even today’s busy professionals to become certified to collect samples and perform flawless screenings.

What Is Involved In Drug Screen Training? 

Drug screen training is a simple process, and it’s one that can be completed effectively rather quickly. Ideal drug screen training is performed with a certified and experienced instructor who will make sure to prepare you for all of the various scenarios you may experience while working in the field. Drug screening can be unpredictable, and you should feel confident in performing your tests with complete accuracy regardless of the scenarios surrounding them. 

Your drug screen training will cover various aspects of collection and screening. This will include preparing you with various mock scenarios you may experience while performing drug screenings. These scenarios may involve tests with inconclusive results, what to do when a participant is unwilling or uncooperative, and how to determine if a test is uneventful. 

You’ll need to pass your instruction and your exams during drug screen training, and also pass a series of DOT mocks that prove you can flawlessly screen in different situations. These DOT mocks are a more “hands-on” form of training, as you prove to your instructors that you know just what to do in practice, and not just in testing or instruction. Essentially, your mocks are where you put your learning into practice as if you’re performing drug screenings in the field. 

Drug screen training is a simple way for employers to ensure the further safety and success of their business through making sure no illicit substances are being used by employees on the job. Random drug screenings can catch any problems before they spiral out of control, and they can zero in on substance abuse issues that may be present on the job. 

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